Adoption Programs

Hope International currently has several adoption programs.

For Texas families, Hope can help you adopt from almost any country in the world. Hope can provide home study and educational services as well as post adoption and post placement supervision once a placement is achieved.

Current International Adoption Programs

International Adoption
A type of adoption in which an individual or couple adopt a child that is a national of a country different from their own. Prospective adoptive parents must meet the adoption requirements of the child’s country as well as the requirements of their own country of residence.

Bulgaria Program Information Bangladesh Adoption Program Information
Republic of Congo Adoption Program Information
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Embryo Adoption
A type of adoption in which embryos, which were created during in vitro fertilization but not used by the original couple, are donated to another couple with the goal of producing a successful pregnancy.  The resulting child is considered the child of the mother who gave birth and not the child of the donor, similar to the procedure for an egg or sperm donation.

Domestic Adoption
An identified adoption (also known as a designated adoption) is an adoption in which the prospective adoptive family locates the birth mother through sources other than Hope Adoption Inc. You may find a birth family through word of mouth, advertising, an out-of-state agency, or an out-of-state attorney or facilitator. However, if your birthmother resides in Texas and needs financial assistance, you must use a Texas licensed adoption agency. At Hope, we can handle identified adoptions and facilitate such placement by offering counseling, home study services, and legal services.

Through Hope Adoption Inc, your birth mother/family will receive counseling and may receive assistance with reasonable living expenses, legal expenses, and medical expenses. We also have attorneys who will conduct all of the necessary legal work to terminate the birth parents’ parental rights and, if you desire, complete your adoption.