Adoption Considerations

Top 5 things you need to know regardless of the program you choose:

  1. There are children in each of the countries in which we work who are in need of loving, adoptive homes. 
  2. The vast majority of the children we have placed – regardless of country of origin – have adjusted remarkably well.  Further, we are here to help educate you about your adoption decisions and can provide post placement referrals when necessary/appropriate
  3. This will be a life changing, mind-broadening experience.  Travel will be involved, and although it won’t be a vacation many of our families thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to experience another culture and to learn about the history of their child’s birth country
  4. Our average fall-through rate (country changes adoption laws and family is unable to adopt that particular child, child becomes unavailable for placement, placement disrupts following placement, etc) is less than 3% regardless of program. 
  5. The majority of the families who contact us are intially unsure of how they will finance their adoption. We have seen families utilize crowdfunding websites, adoption fundraisers, or donations from nonprofits, friends, and family to fund their adoption.


Top 5 things you need to consider as an adoptive parent

  1. Are you ready to adopt? Many of our families have come through the pain of infertility before deciding to adopt. While we recognize resolution of infertility is an ongoing process, we also know that families (both members of the couple) have to be ready to move on to another route to parenting.  We can refer you to support groups or counselors if you are not sure you are ready, and if you think this would be helpful in deciding how to move forward. 
  2. What type child do you hope to adopt (age/gender/ethnicity/health considerations)?
  3. What type of referral process are you most comfortable with?  A country that selects the child for you, a country program where the agency identifies a referral/match and you have the opportunity to review information on the child prior to travel or a country program that allows you to travel and choose the child whom you will adopt
  4. What are you comfortable with in terms of birth parent contact or open adoption?  While most international adoptions are closed since the child is in an orphanage, some countries do have opportunity to contact between the adoptive and birth family.
  5. What are your needs/preferences regarding travel to the foreign country. How long can you be away and are you able to make multiple trips if necessary?  Do you prefer to travel alone or in a group?
  6. How quickly do you hope to adopt – this is important since programs are quicker than others.