Testimonials Jeff & Joanne

When we adopted our little girl from Kazakhstan in January 2002 through Hope International, it was a wonderfully smooth experience. We started working with Hope in June 2001, and were in contact with them almost constantly. I never hesitated to call or e-mail them to ask a question. They made me feel as if I was the only one they were working with and my question was the most important thing that they needed to deal with at that time.

We were not the normal couple walking in off of the street, as there were special circumstances that had to be dealt with throughout the adoption. We were an older couple and I am partially disabled. And, of course I wanted a baby. In addition to that we wanted to travel with another couple who were also adopting so we specified that Hope had to meet both couples’ needs at the same time in the same place so that we would be together. They tried not to laugh at us and told us sweetly yet firmly that we should not count on any of this happening. IT DID!

January weather in that part of the world is not conducive to a disabled person walking. They worked very hard with the foreign coordinator and the other adopting couple involved to make the arrangements for me to stay in Dallas while my husband traveled with them. The three adults went and brought home the two babies. They were able to arrange both travel and lodging so that my husband would have the other couple’s support in handling a little one. (Elizabeth was then six months and three days old.)

The whole time they were in Kazakhstan I was in contact with them and with Hope International. I was given every number imaginable so that I could reach someone if I needed to. If I didn't call them, they called me. I felt a part of the experience even though I was not physically there.

We are still in contact with Hope International often. When I have new photos of the baby, I e-mail them up to Dallas. If something comes up, I ask and am answered without hesitation. You could not choose a better group of people to work with.


Jeff and Joanne

Elizabeth’s Parents