Testimonials Nancy & Robert

As I type this letter, I have tears in my eyes.   The difference that Hope International has made in our lives is immeasurable.   I wonder how to start this letter and tell our story, so here it is. 

Our lives have changed so much because of Hope International.   People tell us how lucky our children are.   We know how lucky we are.   For ten years, we searched for a way to have our own children.   We went through four surgeries and five infertility treatments, spending an unbelievable amount of time and of course money.   We decided to adopt, and the adoption process failed for us in the country of Ukraine.   We gave up, and resigned ourselves to the fact that we didn’t have more energy left.

My husband came home one day and told me about someone who knew Susan Rice at Hope Adoption.   They encouraged us to make an appointment with Susan to see if they could help us.   Since we had such a disappointing experience in the past, we were leery.   We met with Susan Rice and also with Dawn Ford.   They asked many questions about us, and about what we needed.   They were truthful in all their answers that we asked them.   Susan pointed out that we had about 9 months left on our INS approval for adoption from a foreign country, and that if we wanted to work with Hope, that we needed to act quickly.

We immediately met with Dawn Ford, who began to counsel us through our home study.   Even though we had counseling in the past, Dawn made it a priority and met with us in the evenings.   We were invited to group session that was set up to educate prospective parents on what to expect from adopted children.   These sessions provided valuable insight on what to expect both medically and emotionally.   It gave great advice on how to answer questions from your children that you would face in years to come.   Many of the videos opened up conversations between my husband, Robert and I regarding how to tell our future children that were adopted.   These sessions featured other children in videos talking about their own experience with their parents and what their feelings were.  Safety tips for children and reading materials along with photographs were provided about what to expect in foreign countries.

Two weeks later, Dawn called.   She asked if we could come to see a video and picture of our future child.   I could hardly breathe, as I told her that we would be there at the 1 pm appointment.   At the appointed time, Susan and Dawn greeted us.   We went to a private room, and they told us the all the details surrounding Andre, his orphanage, the time frame of the adoption should we choose to move forward.  When we left, I climbed into my car, and the euphoria of realizing that we really were going to have a child set in.   I called my family, and I knew that we were on our way to get Andre.

We left to see Andre within 4 months.   We chose to stay in Russia while we went through the process until we could bring him home.   As it turned out, we were able to travel with another family from Houston who was on the same adoption journey, and adopting through the same orphanage.   Because of this both of our families will always share a special bond.

I cannot share with you how prepared we were for our journey, due to the counseling that we received.   What we really couldn’t believe is that we received a call, usually every day to check on our progress and to make sure that Robert, I and Andre were all okay.    Knowing how much those phone calls cost, we finally insisted that were fine, and that we would call their office each day.  (We had purchased a cell phone with unlimited time to the US).  

You should also know that every person that the representatives that Hope International introduced us to were professional, courteous and they were truly concerned about our safety in their country.   They translated for us, took us for items that we needed to purchase, answered our questions, cooked our meals, and made sure that we knew what to do in the case of emergency.   They were sincerely interested in helping us form a bond with our new son.

We traveled home with Andre on July 31st, 2003, when he was 17 months old.   Today, he is six.   Last night, he kicked his first goal in a soccer game.   It’s amazing that we have a Russian boy who is in a dual language class learning Spanish.   I guess the world surpasses all boundaries in the name of learning, love and hope for our children.

You can’t begin to imagine how grateful I am to the ladies and employees who work tirelessly at Hope International.   People tell us how lucky Andre is, but I know it is we, who are lucky.   We gave up all hope, and then we found Hope International.   They still call to check up on us and see how Andre is progressing.

Soon after we arrived home, Hope International began working on programs for humanitarian aid to several countries.   We have helped these programs in ways that we can, because we’ve seen what a difference it can make in these children’s lives.

We have seen five orphanages in other countries.  The orphanages in Ukraine did not have milk.   Many of the children had requites and other medical conditions due to poor nutrition.  Do as Hope does, do what you can to help.   It does make a difference.  Their humanitarian efforts help children in the orphanages around the world.

I have been amazed by their commitment and the difference that I have seen them make in other families’ lives.

Thanks for giving me the forum to tell our story.

Nancy and Robert Scott