Placement Statistics

Available at your request

Placement Statistics

Hope International maintains records on the agency’s child placements which are available upon request to adoptive families and prospective adoptive applicants.  The provided information will be based on the three (3) previous calendar years from the date of the request and will include the following:

  1. Total number of placements
  2. Number of placements which are still intact
  3. Number of placements that have disrupted
  4. Number of placements that have dissolved
  5. Total number of adoptive applicants
  6. Current number of children eligible for adoption and awaiting referral

This information may be requested at any time by either completing our online request form noting that you are requesting our placement stats or by sending an email to: or mailing a request to:

Hope International
5944 Luther Lane, Suite 875
Dallas, TX 75225
or by contacting our office at 214-672-9399.

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